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Bedwars is a game about large-scale battles. These wars take place not on the ground, but high in the sky. The main means of transport is not space ships and planes, but beds. In this universe, they are the primary means of transport. It’s up to you to take a direct part in them. Your main task is to try to destroy the enemy’s bed. When this is done, it will collapse and the enemy will fall down. But be careful – your bed can also be destroyed by your opponents. If they do, you will fall down and the game will end in your defeat. If you successfully complete all the tasks, you will be rewarded, which we will tell you a little later. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

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In Bedwars you need a weapon, because it’s your guarantee of safety. First, your weapon will be used to ward off enemies who will be attacking you all the time. You can also use weapons to destroy the beds of your enemies. There are melee weapons in the game – swords, knives, spears and axes. There are also weapons for ranged combat – machine guns, bows with arrows and even grenades. You can choose any weapon you want. But remember, some of the weapons in the game have to be paid for. For example you will need to spend a certain amount of gold or diamonds to buy them. You will receive gold and diamonds as a daily reward for logging in each day. You can also get them when you successfully fight. The better you play, the more you will be rewarded. You will also receive weapons. Weapons are random, but you may occasionally come across some very powerful items.


There are several modes in the game, which differ in mechanics. For example, there is the duel mode, where you need to duel with one enemy. The strongest of you will win and be rewarded. There is also a battle royal mode. This involves a lot of players fighting each other. This mode is a little more challenging, but it’s also interesting. The last mode is the team battle mode. Up to 4 teams of 4 players each can participate in this mode. The game can only be won by a single team. The mechanics of the game remain similar regardless of the mode. You must fly close enough to your opponents’ beds and deal damage. If you don’t make it in time and the damage is done to you, you may lose. In this case, you will not get a reward. You will have to play the level again from the beginning. So try to fly fast and dodge the attacks of your enemies. If you liked this game, play it and similar games on our website.

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