Bed Wars

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The game takes place not on the ground, but high up in the sky. That’s where the biggest battle in the universe is taking place. And it’s up to you to take part. You will be playing a special avatar. It’s a funny little man who looks the way you want him to look. He has no will of his own and will do whatever you tell him to do. Your main task will be to fight enemies high in the sky. In order to reach the sky you need a bed. In this game the bed can fly is the main means of transport. Each bed has its own functions. Also you can choose the weapon that suits you best. But about it we will talk a little bit later. Your main objective will be to destroy enemy beds. In this way your enemies will fall and die. But beware, because your opponent can destroy your bed, and you will lose.


The game consists of several stages. In the first stage you create an avatar. Choose whatever look and clothing you want for it. The avatar can be a girl or a boy. You also get to choose his weapon. You can find swords, knives, guns, grenades and so on. Each weapon has a different power. It depends on the weapon and its cost. Of course there are also free weapons. The only thing is that the free weapons will be pretty weak. So try to collect money for your weapon. How do you collect money? You get money every day for logging in to the game each day. You will also get diamonds and weapons. You also get money by successfully completing a variety of missions. For example, destroying a certain number of enemies.

Game Modes

There are also a few modes in the game. Let’s go over each of them. The first mode is a dueling mode. You have to fight your opponent one-on-one. There can only be one winner in the game. So here we have a battle royal mode that will involve a huge number of players. So you will have not only one enemy, but a whole lot of enemies. This mode is quite dangerous, but none the less interesting. The last mode is a battle mode. In it may elect to participate is the four teams of four players on each team. Create your own battle strategy and sharpen your skills. Complete all tasks in order to receive rewards. Once you have earned a certain amount of money or a certain number of diamonds you can afford to buy not only weapons but also armour and even new skins for your character. If the game is too difficult or boring for you, try playing it in some other mode and maybe then you’ll win.

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