Classic Minecraft

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The game is a virtual world simulation game. In this sandbox you can make up your own charavataracter. The story has a handy character maker in which you can create any character you want. Choose his sex, skin colour, hair colour and clothing style. This does not affect the game. At the start of the game you will have a certain number of items in your inventory – a pickaxe, a sword and so on. These will allow you to survive the first stages of the game. Over time you will be able to create new tools for yourself.


In the game you have to constantly search for different resources – metal, wood, stone and so on. With these you will not only be able to create new items, but also to build your own house. You can also go exploring the various terrains in the game. There are forests, deserts and even an ocean where you can swim and search for pirate treasure.

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