BedWars Minecraft

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The game is a sequel to the well-known sandbox game in which you can create your own houses and explore the area. The game is a sequel to the famous sandbox game in which you can create your own houses and explore the area. This is a risky and quite dangerous activity, because there are enemies waiting for you in the sky. So you have to fight them. Your main task will be to take part in a variety of air battles. You must destroy the enemy’s bed, as well as to defend your own bed. The player whose bed has been destroyed will fall down and lose. Defend your bed and don’t let other players get too close to it. To do this you will need weapons. You can make your own weapons or find them somewhere. You can also buy weapons. To do so use the money you get from winning battles.


Each weapon has its own characteristics. For example a bow and arrow will come in handy in combat. Pistols and grenades may also come in handy. Use swords, knives and axes for close combat. During combat, fly close to your opponents’ beds and destroy them. You need to destroy as many beds as you can. If your bed is destroyed, you will fall down and lose. There can only be one winner of the game. But there are exceptions. For example, you can play in teams. For example you can also create a team with more than one player. Challenge the other team to a duel. Fight high in the sky and try to win. If you don’t like this mode, you can challenge your opponent to a duel. You’ll then fight them one on one.

More fun features

The game is not limited to fighting. You can also explore the game’s terrain. In the game you can find forests, deserts, tundra, oceans and seas. You can also dig canals and collect a variety of useful resources that you can then use to build your own house. There is no limit to how much you can build a house in the game. It can be any size and look the way you want. There are also animals in the game that you can make friends with. The game also has multiplayer, so you can invite your friends to play with you. You can also collect different materials and exchange them with other players.

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