Roblox BedWars 2

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The famous crib battle continues. In the sequel to the popular game, you will once again have to fight your opponents high in the sky. So how do you get up there? You can use a bed for that. In this universe, beds are not only furniture for sleeping, but also a means of transportation. They can fly. The head of the game’s ideas is still to destroy other people’s beds. You also have to protect your own bed. The player whose bed is destroyed will fall down and lose. The game has very flexible settings, allowing you to customize it to suit you. Customisation happens in several stages. The first stage is when you create a character. These are called avatars. These are funny little people that you create looks and a name for. You also have to dress up your avatar. But that’s not all. Get him the most appropriate weapon. The game has a huge arsenal of various weapons. For example, you can choose any gun, rifle, sword, knife or grenade. There’s even a bow and arrow!

More about guns

What is the difference between various weapons? Each weapon has its own use. For example, one weapon will be handy in a long-range bayou and another in a short-range bayou. Each weapon also has a different level of damage. You can choose to use them for free or you can buy them for a fee. More expensive weapons are more powerful. To buy weapons you need money. Money in the game is gold and diamonds. You will get these every day when you log in to the game. But that’s not all. You will also be rewarded for successfully completed missions. For example, you need to kill a certain number of enemies. If you do this you will receive a reward. You will also be rewarded for successfully completed battles.

Next stage

The next stage is choosing the game mode. The game has several modes. We will describe to you the three main modes. The first mode is the battle royal mode. Here you will fight against a wide variety of enemies. All the enemies are also players. In this mode there can be only one winner. You must destroy the beds of all the enemies to win. The second mode is dueling mode. In this mode you will fight one-on-one with the other player. And the last mode is the team play mode. This mode involves four teams of four players each. The task of each team is to destroy all the other teams. There may be more players. For example, if one team wins, all of its members are the winners.

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