Stick War Legacy 3

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The game tells the story of a world in which there is no end to war. Every conqueror wants to become the ruler of the world, so their struggle never stops. That’s when a new hero comes into the world: you. You have your own army with which you are sent out to fight your enemies and bring peace back to this land. It’s going to be a long ordeal with lots of obstacles to overcome. Whether you can overcome them depends on your talents and skills.

A selection of units

There are several types of soldiers in the game called units. Each unit has its own abilities. For example diggers can supply you with gold, giants and berserkers can take out huge numbers of enemies despite their slowness. Mages, on the other hand, can use magic abilities to attack enemies and so on. On top of that, each unit has its own price. Some units you buy for gold before every battle begins. You can get some of your own units during battle. Which ones you choose is up to you. You can choose to focus on either magic or physical strength, and use them to create a unique warband.


During a battle, you may encounter crowds of enemies advancing on you. Your job is to fight them off and destroy every single enemy unit. You will also receive other tasks. Such as destroying enemy statues and resources. Each successful mission earns you gold, which you can use to buy and level up your units. The game has a linear storyline and many quests. You never know which mission will be next. Your task is to level up your characters in time and complete the missions.

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