Stick War Legacy 2

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The game takes place in a reality that has long been engulfed by war and turmoil. In this world, there are several different clans that are at war with each other and want to establish world domination. You happen to be the leader of one of the clans. But you are not driven by a desire to take over the world, but to bring back the joy of the past. So you assemble your own army and go out to fight your enemies, cleansing the world of their dictatorship. But it’s not as easy as it looks. There are too many enemy clans and they are all extremely dangerous. Can you fight back?


You’ll have your own squad to carry out missions. But you’ll have to assemble them yourself. At the beginning of the game you can choose which units you want to bring into the squad. Each one has its own abilities and skills. For example mages will be able to summon the dead and throw fireballs at your enemies. There are also berserkers, who deal a lot of damage, and giants. A separate type of unit is the miners, who will provide you with gold, so you can buy new units.

Combat begins

You will have to fight off the enemy, who will send their army to kill you. Choose which units you want to send into battle and watch the battle. However, sometimes your enemies will be statues of your opponent, which you will have to destroy. You’ll be rewarded by completing tasks. The amount of the reward depends on how well you complete the mission.

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