Blockman Go Bed Wars

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Immerse yourself in an exciting world of battles! The game is a simulation of bed battles that take place high in the sky. You can choose your own bed, as well as a number of other options that allow you to make the game comfortable for yourself. Flying beds will not only be for you, but also for your opponents. Your main task is to destroy your opponents’ beds. But be careful – they can also do damage to you. If it is too much, you will fall down and die. Thus the game will end. In general, the game consists of several stages and here are some of them.

Preparing for battle

Every battle begins with preparing for it. The first stage of the game involves selecting your game mode. There are a number of them. For example, you can choose the battle royal mode. This mode is where you fight against a number of opponents. Each player will be on his own, and the last survivor will win. There is also a duelling mode, where you fight one-on-one against another opponent. Equally interesting is the team combat mode. Up to 4 teams of 4 players can participate in this mode. Each team’s task is to defeat all other teams. Regardless of the mode, you must also choose your weapon of choice. There are an incredible number of them in the game, and each one has its own mechanics and characteristics. Some weapons may be stronger, others weaker. There are also different types of weapons. For close combat swords, axes and spears are good, and for long range bows with arrows, machine guns and grenades are good.

Combat phase

During combat you need to get close enough to your opponent to deal damage. Also be very careful that your bed is not attacked. During long attacks your health level will drop. If the bed completely collapses, you will fall down and lose. If you win, you will receive various rewards for your efforts. These include a variety of gold, crystals and additional weapons. Gold and crystals are in-game currency that you can spend on boosting your character, buying new weapons or upgrading old ones. During combat you can use not only weapons, but a variety of ways to defeat your opponents; melee attacks, long range attacks, and skill kills. You can also buy new skins for your character, which not only differ in appearance but also have different characteristics. For example, they can protect your character from enemy attacks.

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